SRv6 Application in the Smart Government Field

Reforms aimed at achieving smart governments face many issues. For example, different government departments are not interconnected, leading to information silos and difficulty in sharing information. On top of this, government extranets lack sufficient numbers of access points. Smart governments therefore have the following two core requirements:

  1. Unified network management: Implement intensive network construction and integrate private networks into government extranets. The key to achieving this is to ensure secure service isolation.
  2. One network for all services: Uniformly manage and share data, and upload the huge volumes of Internet of Things (IoT) sensing data and video surveillance data of cities to multi-level government clouds for multiple government departments to invoke. The key to achieving this is to ensure wide network coverage, fast service access to multiple clouds, and flexible cloud interconnection.

In Figure 1, SRv6 is deployed to conveniently and quickly establish basic network connections between the cloud and access devices in different cities, ensuring efficient service provisioning. In the future, network slicing can be used to divide the government private network into different service planes to ensure strict isolation among services (e.g., government office, IoT, and video services) and provide differentiated deterministic SLA guarantee for different services.

Figure 1 SRv6 application in the smart government field

This solution offers the following benefits:

  1. Fast service provisioning: All services are cloudified, and only one network exists below clouds. SRv6 enables different departments to implement one-hop cloud access, achieving fast service provisioning.
  2. Excellent service experience: One network is divided into multiple network slices to implement hard resource isolation, meeting the service requirements of different departments with committed SLAs.
  3. E2E high reliability: IFIT-based visualized O&M enables fault locating to be completed within minutes.
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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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