(Optional) Configuring the Console User Interface

When you log in to a router through a console port to perform local maintenance, you can configure attributes for the console user interface as needed.


Console user interface attributes have default values on a router. Generally, you do not need to configure them. To meet specific use requirements or ensure network security, you can modify console user interface attributes, such as terminal attributes and authentication mode.

For details about how to configure the console user interface, see Configuring the Console User Interface.

Modifications to console user interface attributes take effect immediately. When you log in to a router through a console port to configure console user interface attributes, the connection may be interrupted. Therefore, it is recommended that you configure console user interface attributes using other login methods. To log in to the router through the console port again after configuring console user interface attributes, you must ensure that the configurations of the terminal emulator running on the PC are consistent with the console user interface attributes configured on the router.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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