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Option Description

Classless Static Route Option (carrying subnet mask information when a network segment is advertised). This option defines one or more static routes. Each route consists of a destination descriptor and a router IP address (next hop address). If a DHCP client receives a DHCP message that carries both Option 33 and Option 121, the client processes only the routes carried in Option 121.

Option Format

Carried in Packets to Be Sent to the RADIUS Server

Supported. This option can be carried in the HW-Dhcp-Option field of an Access-Request packet.

Delivered in Packets from the RADIUS Server

This option can be delivered to a client in the authentication and login response stages.

RADIUS Attributes Carrying Options

HW-DHCPv4-Option121 (26-155)

HW-Dhcp-Option (187)

Related Configuration Commands

IP address pool view: option option-code hex

AAA domain view: dhcp option121 route ip-address mask-length gateway-address

A local or remote address pool is supported.

RADIUS server group view: radius-attribute include hw-dhcp-option

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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