X-HW-User-Physical-Info-Value AVP

Description of AVP




The X-HW-User-Physical-Info-Value AVP (Code 2025) is of type UTF8String and it indicates physical information such as slot ID, sub-slot ID, port ID, and VLAN ID. The HW-User-Physical-Info-Value AVP format is similar to that of the Diameter NAS-PORT-ID AVP. An example of the HW-User-Physical-Info-Value AVP is: {atm|eth|trunk} NAS_slot/NAS_subslot/NAS_port:XPI.XCI.

This AVP is defined as follows: <avpEntry name="X-HW-User-Physical-Info-Value" code="2025" flag="May_M" vendorId="2011" datatype="UTF8String" avpname="240"/>

Reference Standards

This AVP is a private AVP, so there are no reference standards.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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