(Optional) Enabling the Control of Access to 1588v2 Clock Sources

This section describes how to enable a 1588v2 router to control the access to clock sources. A 1588v2 network contains lots of routers that participate in dynamic clock source selection. Clock source-based attacks or configuration errors cause clock flapping over the 1588v2 network. You can enable the control of the access to clock sources so that a 1588v2 router selects a clock source within a specified range.


Perform the following steps on each of OCs, BCs, and TCandBCs:


  1. Run system-view

    The system view is displayed.

  2. Run ptp acl enable

    The control of access to clock sources is enabled.

  3. Run ptp acl-permit-clockid clockid-value

    An ID of a clock source is set to allow a local 1588v2 router to use the BMC algorithm to select.

  4. Run commit

    The configuration is committed.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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