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AP Restart


  • Restart an AP.
    1. Choose Maintenance > AP Maintenance > AP Restart. The AP Restart page is displayed.

    2. Select the AP that you want to restart from the AP list and click Restart. In the Confirm dialog box that is displayed, click OK to restart the AP.

      To restart all the APs in the AP list, click Restart All. For descriptions about the AP parameters, see Table 1.

      Table 1 Descriptions about the AP parameters



      AP ID

      ID of the AP.

      AP Name

      Name of the AP.

      MAC Address

      MAC address of the AP.

      Group Name

      Name of the group that the AP belongs to.

      IP Address

      IP address of the AP.


      Type of the AP.

      STA Quantity

      Number of STAs connected to the AP.

      Login Period

      Online duration of the AP.


      Status of the AP.


      Version of the AP.

      Serial Number

      Sequence number (SN) of the AP.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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