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Licensing Requirements and Limitations for NTP

Involved Network Elements

Other network elements are required to support NTP.

Licensing Requirements

NTP is a basic feature of a switch and is not under license control.

Feature Support in V200R019C10

All models of S2720, S5700, and S6700 series switches support NTP.

For details about software mappings, visit Hardware Query Tool and search for the desired product model.

Feature Limitations

  • The existing configuration will not be deleted when the NTP service is disabled.

  • If the device does not support Real-Time Clock (RTC), it is recommended that you configure NTP to ensure time accuracy in logs. The following models do not support RTC:

    S2720-EI, S2750-EI, S5700-10P-LI-AC, S5700-10P-PWR-LI-AC, S5700-28P-LI-BAT, S5700-28P-LI-24S-BAT, S5720-LI, S5720S-LI, S5735-L, S5735S-L, S5735S-L-M, S5720I-6X-PWH-SI-AC, S5720I-10X-PWH-SI-AC, S5720I-12X-SI-AC, S5720I-12X-PWH-SI-DC, S5735-S-I

  • If the switch does not support RTC, manually set the device time. If the switch is powered off and restarts, the device time will become inaccurate. You need to manually set the device time again.
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