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SVF Setup Process

An SVF system goes through the following phases before being setting up:
  1. Neighbor discovery: A parent sends information including the management VLAN to an AS through neighbor discovery.

  2. Device management: The AS obtains an IP address through DHCP and establishes a Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) link with the parent and registers with the parent.

  3. Version management: The AS checks whether its software version is the same as that of the parent. If not, the AS downloads the system software from the parent to upgrade and synchronize its software version with that of the parent.

  4. Topology management: The parent collects LLDP neighbor information of all ASs and calculates the SVF topology.

  5. Service configuration: In direct configuration mode, the parent sends service configurations to ASs over CAPWAP links. In independent configuration mode, service configurations are performed on ASs independently.

Figure 1 Flowchart for SVF setup
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